A human-
centered digital roadmap
for KBC Corporate banking
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KBC is one of the strongholds when it comes to customer experience. They've been investing in smart digitization and innovation for years, paired with a solid strategy, approach, and focus. KBC Corporate Banking, the section of the bank that focuses primarily on businesses, is joining the game. The goal of this project was to create a roadmap that focused on meeting customer needs and priorities through the digitization of certain processes and services.

kbc app design kbc app design

Together with the team at KBC, we worked out a digital strategy for Corporate Banking. Digitization is a necessary part of the process, but as they said at KBC: "The personal approach to and the connection we share with our clients is absolutely vital." This is a statement we couldn't agree with more.

We spent a few months conducting workshops with corporate customers and KBC employees during which we mapped the entire customer journey of these users. Based on our research, we turned these insights into a robust digital strategy, based on real needs and expectations of customers and employees. This resulted into a roadmap for the coming years in line with KBC’s vision and overall strategy. Additionally, Ordina conducted Fintech market research related to corporate banking, including possible cooperation models.

kbc app design kbc app design

“Clockwork helped us to refine our digital strategy in KBC Corporate Banking to a concrete roadmap and validate this with all of our stakeholders. The speed with which the team familiarized itself with our way of working was impressive. They were also able to fully recognize the value of the personal dimension in our digital strategy. This greatly contributed to the satisfying result that we'll be able to work with for the next coming months."

Jo Vander Stuyft

Director KBC Corporate Banking Policy