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In Belgium, summer is the time for festivals. To build these festivals, various subcontractors and construction crews work for months to create the festival experience that we know it to be. Nothing can be made without using the proper tools and equipment - in this case, things like aerial platforms and forklifts.

“This is where TVH comes in. Named after the founders Thermote and Vanhalst, TVH is a world player when it comes to material handling and industrial vehicles. They deliver boom lifts, forklifts, and other materials for large event organizations. But TVH wants to do more than just deliver for their clients. That's why they set out to answer the following questions: "How can we provide even better support for our clients in the events sector, so we can make a truly positive impact on the preparation of such large events? How can we use these insights so our clients can maintain an overview of all of their construction sites?"

tvh app design tvh app design

Together with TVH and our colleagues at Ordina, we conceptualized, designed, and developed an innovative digital planning system.

Both TVH employees and their customers are loving the application. MyAssetPlanner has lifted the rental communication to the next level, reducing costs on both sides.

tvh app design tvh app design